UEFA Confirms Expansion to 26-Man Squads for Euro 2024

Euro 2024

UEFA’s recent decision is set to shake up the upcoming Euro 2024 championship in Germany, as they prepare to officially announce a significant rule change. Here’s how this alteration will affect national teams like England, Scotland, France, and others competing in the tournament.

UEFA’s New Rule: Extending Squad Sizes

In a pivotal move, UEFA is on the brink of confirming that participating nations will now have the liberty to select from a larger 26-man squad for the Euro 2024 tournament. This expansion, if greenlit, will mark a departure from the traditional 23-man rosters that have been the norm in international competitions.

Committee Approval and Ratification Process

Reports from BBC Sport indicate that a meeting of UEFA’s national competitions change committee has already given their nod of approval to this proposed change. The next step involves the executive committee, expected to ratify the decision later this week.

Revisiting Pre-Pandemic Norms

This move signifies a notable reversal by UEFA, considering their initial plans to revert to 23-man squads following the disruptions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The extended squad allowance was initially implemented as a response to the pandemic’s impact on player availability and team logistics.

Continuity from Recent Tournaments

The decision to maintain an expanded squad size echoes the allowances made for the Euro 2020 tournament, where a three-man extension was permitted. Similarly, the 2022 World Cup also saw enlarged squads, owing to the unique circumstances of the tournament being held during the winter months.

Coaches’ Perspectives and Advocacy

Numerous international coaches, including prominent figures like Ronald Koeman of the Netherlands, have been vocal in their support of retaining the 26-man squads. Koeman, in particular, criticized the idea of reverting to smaller rosters, labelling it as ‘absurd’ and emphasizing the need for continuity.

Adapting to Premier League Realities

The shift to larger squad sizes has also been influenced by the experiences of national team managers, such as England’s Gareth Southgate. Previously favouring a more compact 23-man squad, Southgate has adjusted his stance due to the prevalence of injuries endured by players during the rigorous Premier League season.


As UEFA prepares to formalize the extension to 26-man squads for Euro 2024, the footballing world braces for a new era in international competition. This decision not only reflects the evolving landscape of the sport but also acknowledges the practical realities faced by teams in managing their player contingents.

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