‘It had never happened’ – Ancelotti on Real Madrid disallowed goal and Bellingham red card


The recent clash between Real Madrid and Valencia left fans buzzing with controversy as referee Jesus Gil Manzano disallowed a late goal by Jude Bellingham, leading to a contentious draw. Real Madrid manager Carlo Ancelotti was in the middle of the chaos, asking the referee to explain the decision and sending off Bellingham. Let’s take a closer look at this wild game and what happened next.

Real Madrid disallowed goal

In the dying moments of the match, with the score tied at 2-2, Real Madrid launched a final offensive. Brahim Diaz sent a well-weighted ball into the box for Jude Bellingham to meet with a header that looked like it would be enough to give the home side a dramatic win. The referee, Jesus Gil Manzana, disallowed the goal and blew the whistle to end the game amid jeers from Real Madrid.

Real Madrid disallowed goal

Carlo Ancelotti’s Reaction

Carlo Ancelotti quickly challenged the referee, demanding an explanation for the disallowed goal and the circumstances surrounding it.

With uncharacteristic fervour, Ancelotti confidently expressed his outrage in the post-game press conference, boldly questioning the integrity of the referee’s decision-making.

“I can’t believe this is happening,” Ancelotti said. “This is something that has never happened before.”

Jude Bellingham’s Red Card

Jude Bellingham received a straight red card for dissent after the disallowed goal, further fueling the already tense situation. Ancelotti clarified that Bellingham’s expulsion was not due to derogatory remarks towards the referee but rather an expression of frustration, with the midfielder reportedly exclaiming, ‘It’s a fu**** goal.’ Nevertheless, the decision to send off Bellingham only intensified the controversy surrounding the match, raising questions about the consistency and fairness of officiating in professional football.

Ancelotti’s Reflection

Ancelotti, a veteran of more than two decades in the footballing industry, said that he had never experienced anything like this in his career. The magnitude of the situation and its impact on the result of the game left him and his team feeling like an outcast.

Ancelotti’s team is focused on winning their upcoming matches, including a crucial game against Barcelona, to secure another league title for their historic club.. With crucial matches on the horizon, including a potential game-changer against Barcelona, they are leaving no stone unturned in their pursuit of victory.

La Liga Standings

Despite the controversial result against Valencia, Los Blancos are still in the lead in La Liga, seven points clear of second-placed Girona. Ancelotti’s team is ready to take on the challenges ahead, including a crucial match against Barcelona. With their winning momentum, they are determined to secure another league title for one of the greatest clubs in history.

In conclusion, the clash between Real Madrid and Valencia game was a reminder of how unpredictable and dramatic football can be.

Carlo Ancelotti’s search for answers in the heat of the moment epitomizes the passion and passion that makes football tick.

As the season draws to a close, Real Madrid will be looking to continue their winning ways on domestic and international fronts.

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