Manchester City Set to Offer Rodri Lucrative New Contract, Elevating Spanish Talisman’s Earnings in Premier League Elite

Rodri Contract

Manchester City reportedly plans to extend a lucrative new contract offer to Rodri, positioning the Spanish midfielder among the highest-paid players in the Premier League.

City’s Bid to Secure Rodri’s Future

Reports suggest Manchester City is poised to offer Rodri an upgraded contract, aiming to bolster the Spanish talent’s financial standing within the Premier League.

Extending Rodri’s Contract

The defensive midfielder, aged 27, currently holds a contract with the Treble-winning club until 2027, earning approximately £180,000 per week.

City’s Ambitious Salary Boost

City aims to extend Rodri’s contract and elevate his weekly earnings to around £300,000, marking a significant increase from his current salary.

Negotiation Process and Future Prospects

While negotiations are not urgent, City intends to engage in talks with Rodri this summer. The proposed extension could span two years, ensuring Rodri’s presence at the club until he reaches 32 years of age.

Rodri’s Prospective Earnings

Should the deal materialize, Rodri’s enhanced salary would position him among the top earners at the Etihad Stadium.

Comparing Top Earnings in the Premier League

Notably, Rodri’s potential earnings would rival those of prominent figures such as Jack Grealish, who earns around £300,000 per week.

Contextualizing Rodri’s Worth

Rodri’s performance and influence justify the significant investment made by Manchester City when they acquired him from Atletico Madrid for £62.6 million in 2019.

Rodri’s Impact on Manchester City

Since joining Manchester City, Rodri has played a pivotal role in the club’s success, contributing to multiple title victories across various competitions.

Highlighting Rodri’s Performance

Rodri’s contribution extends beyond his defensive capabilities, as evidenced by his impressive goal and assist statistics across different competitions.

Rodri’s Unmatched Record

Rodri has an impressive record, remaining undefeated in both club and international matches, demonstrating his outstanding consistency and reliability on the field.

City’s Dependence on Rodri

Manchester City’s reliance on Rodri is evident, with the team experiencing rare defeats when the midfielder is absent from the lineup.

City’s Pursuit of Success

Manchester City’s recent victory against Crystal Palace underscores their determination to maintain pressure in the Premier League title race.

Future Challenges for Manchester City

Manchester City aims to extend Rodri’s contract to strengthen their position in the Premier League and the Champions League quarter-finals.

By offering Rodri an improved contract, Manchester City aims to secure the services of a valuable asset and reinforce their position among the Premier League elite.

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