Real Madrid’s Thibaut Courtois Suffers New Knee Injury Ahead of Return from Long Absence

Thibaut Courtois

Real Madrid’s shot-stopper, Thibaut Courtois, faces another setback as he suffers a fresh knee injury, casting doubt on his return to the field amidst an already prolonged absence.

Setback for Real Madrid

Real Madrid’s quest for success encounters a significant hurdle as their dependable goalkeeper, Thibaut Courtois, faces a prolonged absence due to a meniscus tear in his right knee, sustained during a recent training session.

Extended Time on the Sidelines

The Belgian international, Courtois, who had been on the sidelines for months due to an ACL tear in his left knee last August, now faces additional weeks of recovery following this latest setback.

Diagnostic Confirmation

Following the unfortunate incident during training, Courtois underwent an MRI scan, which confirmed the severity of the damage to his right knee, leaving the LaLiga giants without a key player for the foreseeable future.

Impact on the Champions League Campaign

Real Madrid’s aspirations in the Champions League suffer a blow as they prepare to face Manchester City in the quarterfinals without the services of their experienced goalkeeper, Courtois.

Manager’s Optimism

Despite the setback, Real Madrid’s manager, Carlo Ancelotti, remains optimistic about Courtois’ return, aiming to integrate him back into the squad alongside other injured players for the crucial upcoming fixtures.

Road to Recovery

Ancelotti’s plan includes gradual integration of Courtois and other injured players through training sessions and potentially friendly matches before their anticipated return to competitive action.

Courtois’ Significance

Courtois, a pivotal figure in Real Madrid’s recent successes, joined the club in 2018, boasting an impressive track record including standout performances in the 2022 Champions League final.

Thibaut Courtois

Squad Adjustments

Real Madrid, faced with limited goalkeeping options in Courtois’ absence, secured the services of former Chelsea keeper, Kepa Arrizabalaga, on a loan deal to bolster their squad depth.


While Courtois’ injury poses a challenge for Real Madrid, the club remains focused on his recovery and the collective effort to maintain their competitive edge in domestic and European competitions.

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