Marcus Rashford Denounces Criticism on Manchester United Performances: ‘Time to Put an End’

Manchester United Criticism

Manchester United Forward Speaks Out Against Social Media Backlash

Marcus Rashford has spoken out against the wave of Manchester United criticism targeting his performances, labelling it as ‘abuse’ and declaring, “Time to Put an End.”

Struggles Amidst Poor Season

Amidst Manchester United’s disappointing season, Marcus Rashford, the club’s forward, has faced intense scrutiny for his performance, with critics questioning his commitment. With only eight goals this season and Manchester United languishing in sixth place with five Premier League games remaining, Rashford, 26, has become one of the primary targets of criticism. This comes after a lucrative five-year contract following his career-best 30 goals last term.

Disciplinary Issues and Public Scrutiny

Furthermore, Rashford has been at the centre of multiple disciplinary issues over the past 18 months. His unsanctioned night out in Belfast resulted in missing training the following day, dropping him from the squad for one match and reportedly fined £650,000.

Social Media Backlash

Responding to the ongoing backlash, Rashford took to social media to express his frustration. This follows a post by a United fan on Twitter, condemning the treatment Rashford has received. Rashford’s reply at 12:36 am on Friday emphasized the severity of the situation: “I appreciate your support! It is abuse and has been for months. Time to Put an End.”

Mixed Reactions and Messages of Support

While Rashford’s post received overwhelming support from fans, not everyone was sympathetic. Some criticized his on-pitch performance, highlighting his role as a senior player at Manchester United. Nonetheless, Rashford’s post garnered over 30,000 likes and messages of encouragement from supporters flooded in.

Injury Woes and Team’s Future

Rashford’s recent injury during the FA Cup semi-final victory over Coventry forced him to miss United’s subsequent Premier League win against Sheffield United. As Manchester United prepares to face Burnley, Rashford’s absence poses a challenge to the team’s aspirations to qualify for Europe next season.

Manager’s Support

Despite Rashford’s struggles, manager Erik ten Hag has expressed confidence in the forward’s ability to bounce back. With upcoming fixtures and competitions, Ten Hag believes Rashford’s motivation remains high and could be pivotal in changing the team’s momentum.

As Marcus Rashford faces intense scrutiny and backlash, his determination to overcome these challenges remains unwavering. With support from fans and backing from his manager, Rashford aims to overcome his struggles and contribute to Manchester United’s success on the pitch.

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