Lionel Messi’s Reaction to Inter Miami’s Crucial Goal Concession


Inter Miami witnessed Lionel Messi’s visible reaction as they conceded a pivotal goal in front of him. The absence of the soccer icon, Lionel Messi, for the fourth consecutive game due to a hamstring injury has left a noticeable impact on Inter Miami’s performance in the CONCACAF Champions Cup quarter-final first leg against Monterrey.

Messi’s Absence Felt as Inter Miami Falls to Monterrey

Once again, Lionel Messi was relegated to the stands as Inter Miami suffered a defeat in the first leg of their CONCACAF Champions Cup quarter-final against Mexican side Monterrey.

Injuries Plague Inter Miami’s Key Players

Lionel Messi, aged 36, has been sidelined from playing for Miami since sustaining a hamstring injury during the round of 16 second leg against MLS rivals Nashville. Despite returning to training ahead of Tuesday’s match, Messi did not feature in the matchday squad due to his ongoing recovery.

Inter Miami Takes the Lead but Falters

Inter Miami managed to secure an early lead within 20 minutes of the game, courtesy of Messi’s fellow countryman, Tomas Aviles. However, the momentum shifted when midfielder David Ruiz received two yellow cards in quick succession, leaving Miami to defend with ten men.

Monterrey Seizes Advantage

Monterrey capitalized on the numerical advantage, with Maximiliano Meza equalizing just minutes after Ruiz’s sending-off. The tables turned further against Miami when Jorge Rodriguez scored a late goal assisted by Meza, putting Monterrey in the lead.

Miami’s Hopes Rest on Messi’s Return

With the away goals rule in effect, Miami faces an uphill battle in the next leg in northern Mexico. The team’s aspirations hinge on Lionel Messi’s recovery, although coach Martino remains cautious about rushing his return.

Injury Woes Extend Beyond Messi

Inter Miami’s injury list extends beyond Lionel Messi, with players like Benjamin Cremaschi, Federico Redondo, and Sergiy Kryvtsov also sidelined due to various ailments. However, Messi’s absence looms largest for the team across league and cup competitions.

Opposition Coach Acknowledges Messi’s Influence

Even Inter Miami’s opponents recognize Lionel Messi’s reaction, with Monterrey coach Fernando Ortiz expressing admiration for the soccer legend despite the absence benefiting his team.

Messi's Reaction

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