Exploring Bet Status Phases

In the world of betting, there are different stages in the betting industry. These stages are referred to as “statuses” and every punter needs to understand the betting status phases in detail. This section will explain the details of the bet status phases and each important aspect.

Overview of Common Bet Statuses

Whether you engage in betting through a Sportsbook or an Exchange, certain statuses apply universally:

Victorious (Won): The pinnacle of every bettor’s aspiration, this status signifies a successful outcome. It indicates that the bet yielded favourable results, resulting in the bettor receiving a payout corresponding to the odds and stakes. Utilizing our betting calculators facilitates the computation of potential winnings accurately.

Unfortunate Outcome (Lost): Regrettably, this status represents the conclusion for a significant portion of bets, as per statistical data. It denotes that the prediction within the bet failed to materialize, leading to the forfeiture of the punter’s stake.

Awaiting Resolution (Pending): Before categorizing a wager as won, lost, or any other classification, it undergoes a settling process. This entails ensuring that no discrepancies, such as erroneous score reporting or suspicions of match-fixing, impede the resolution.

Resolved (Settled): Typically occurring post-event culmination, this status hinges on the outcome and associated statistics. It determines the success or failure of a bet based on the respective market dynamics. Moreover, it signifies the disbursement of payouts to winning bettors.

Additional Bet Status Categories

Bet Status

Beyond the general statutes, certain specialized categories merit attention:

Refunded: In scenarios involving a “draw no bet” selection or matches concluding in a draw, punters receive refunds for their wagers. Once the refund process concludes, the wagers are marked accordingly.

Cancelled: Any bet assumes this status when the referenced event, irrespective of the market, encounters cancellation or postponement. Typically attributed to extreme weather phenomena, natural calamities, or unforeseen disruptions, event cancellation prompts the designation of bets as cancelled.

Voided: Distinguished from cancelled bets, voided bets originate from bookmaker-initiated actions rather than event circumstances. Instances leading to voided bets may include suspicious betting patterns, bookmaker errors, and rule alterations, among others.


Navigating the diverse statuses associated with betting is indispensable for every punter’s journey. By comprehending the intricacies of each phase, bettors can make informed decisions, enhancing their overall experience within the dynamic realm of betting.

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