Frequently asked questions

BETARAZI is a noteworthy resource for enthusiasts looking for insightful forecasts. This page will walk you through the Frequently Asked Questions, whether you have questions about the colour-coded outcomes or how forecasts are made.

1. How are the predictions made?

BETARAZI's algorithms delve into past football data, employing statistical analysis and mathematics to calculate probabilities for upcoming fixtures.

2. Is BETARAZI free? Do you have paid subscription services?

Absolutely! BETARAZI is a tool offering FREE content. There is also a paid subscription option available.

3. What sports does BETARAZI cover?

Currently, BETARAZI only offers football prediction, but we're working on adding other sports as well.

4. How do I register? Do you have a VIP Group where I can subscribe to receive special predictions?

We do not provide VIP groups or other subscription plans.

5. Is BETARAZI a betting site, and can we place bets?

BETARAZI is NOT a betting site. We are publishers providing information only; we do not facilitate any form of betting or gambling.

6. How to use the predictions?

BETARAZI is a helping tool that presents user-friendly statistical data to equip you with essential information before football matches commence.

7. How are Top Predictions selected?

Top Predictions highlight upcoming matchups where the algorithm discovers interesting probabilities, giving consumers useful insights.

8. What are Odd?

"Odd" are selected predictions, indicating matches with intriguing probabilities.

9. What is Bet of the day?

A daily selected prediction, usually from the most interesting fixtures for the day, assisting users in making informed choices.

10. How do you choose the Featured matches on the home page?

The Featured matches are the most interesting fixtures for the day, carefully selected by our editors to keep users engaged.